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Anything that is obstructing the area we will be cleaning (exterior furniture, rugs, trash cans, etc.) will need to be moved to ensure that it is not damaged and we are able to do our job thoroughly. If you are able to do this prior to the date of your cleaning, it will make the process faster and easier. If you are unable to clear the area you would like to have cleaned, we can do it for you, but please be aware that, as this takes extra time, there will be an additional charge to be determined by the number of objects that must be moved.


Our roof solution is great for cleaning your roof, but not so great for your plants. Although we will take precautions to protect your landscaping (such as containing and diluting runoff and covering more sensitive plants) we still need you to be an active participant in your roof cleaning! The evening before we are scheduled to clean your roof, we need you to thoroughly saturate your plants, the soil around them, and the grass immediately around your house with water. By ensuring the soil and plants are well saturated, it makes everything less likely to absorb roof cleaning solution as if runs off your roof, reducing the possibility of damage to your landscaping. We will wet these areas again before we start cleaning your roof, but your help will make our precautions even more effective.

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